Oxygen Booster Compressor

Oxygen Booster Compressor

⦁ ISO 9001 & CE Certificate
⦁ Safe Usage
⦁ Oil Free
⦁ Compatible with Oxygen Generator Systems
⦁ Runs ith High Purity Oxygen
⦁ Quick Delivery
⦁ Proper Price
⦁ Strong After Sale Support

Technical Specifications

Key Features

⦁ Engineered for safe, reliable delivery of clean, dry gases up to 2,200 PSI (150 barg)
⦁ Suitable for high pressure oxygen
⦁ Three stage, single acting piston design in a compact package
⦁ All gas contact parts are in stainless steel
⦁ Automatic stop at high temperatures
⦁ Automatic stop by pressure
⦁ Time Counter
⦁ Oil-Less crankshaft mechanism
⦁ Safety relief valve for each stage
⦁ Oxygen compatible cleaning in compliance with MIL-STD- 1330D standards

Key Benefits

⦁ Oil-free
⦁ High reliability
⦁ Continuous operation
⦁ Automatic start and stop
⦁ Compact, lightweight and easy to maintain
⦁ Long Life Cycle


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