Air Driven Gas Booster

NESA Single Acting Air-Driven Gas Booster

The NESA Single Acting Air-Driven Gas Booster is a reciprocating, positive displacement gas pump equipped with an integrated linear reciprocating air motor. Its primary purpose is to generate high-pressure gas output. With a capacity of 30 NM/min and the capability to deliver pressure up to 860 bar (12,500 psi), the NESA Air-Driven Gas Booster achieves pressure amplification through the utilization of the area ratio between a larger diameter air drive piston directly linked to a smaller diameter gas piston.

Key Features

Precise Pressure Control: The NESA Single Acting Air-Driven Gas Booster offers the ability to stall at a predetermined pressure and maintain a fixed pressure without power consumption or heat generation.

Safety Assurance: There is no risk of flame or spark during operation, ensuring a safe working environment.

Versatile Control: Enjoy infinitely variable speed and output flowrate control, as well as infinitely variable output pressure control, providing flexibility in various applications.

Effortless Automation: Automatic controls are easy to apply, enhancing operational convenience.

Gas Compatibility: Standard models are suitable for Oxygen, Dry Air and Nitrogen, and design options are available for handling more hazardous gases.

Reliability and Durability: The system exhibits proven reliability, ease of maintenance, and robust construction, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Adaptable to Usage Patterns: The system experiences no adverse effects in continuous stop/start applications, ensuring consistent performance under varying operational conditions.


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