The Vital Role of Oil-Free Oxygen Booster Compressors in Oxygen Cylinder Filling

The seamless supply of oxygen in medical facilities is a paramount concern. To meet this critical need, oxygen cylinders are automatically filled through the utilization of high-pressure oil-free oxygen booster compressors. These remarkable devices play a pivotal role in ensuring that oxygen is stored in cylinders at a safe and effective pressure of 150 bar. The oxygen booster acts as a supporting component to the medical oxygen generator by providing the necessary additional pressure. In this article, we will delve into the significance of oil-free oxygen booster compressors and why they are indispensable, especially when considering the dangers associated with oil-based systems.

Hospitals often face fluctuating demands for oxygen throughout the day. While oxygen is a constant necessity, there are times when the demand significantly increases, referred to as the “peak requirement.” During these periods, both the medical oxygen generator and the manifold of oxygen cylinders may need to be activated to fulfill the oxygen needs of each patient. Oil-free oxygen boosters play a crucial role in continuously filling oxygen cylinders at 150 bar g pressure, ensuring that high-amount oxygen requirements are met during peak periods. This seamless supply is essential for critical medical procedures and patient care while eliminating the risks associated with oil contamination.

Uninterrupted oxygen supply is a non-negotiable requirement for any hospital. Even rare occurrences, such as a one-day power outage, can have severe consequences. In such situations, the oxygen stored in tanks by the medical oxygen generator can deplete within a matter of hours, leaving healthcare providers without the essential oxygen needed for life-saving procedures. Oil-free oxygen cylinders filled by the booster compressor machine come to the rescue in emergencies like this, serving as a backup source of oxygen while mitigating the risks of oil contamination. Hospitals primarily rely on oil-free oxygen cylinders filled by a medical oxygen generator as their main oxygen source, but having an oil-free oxygen booster system ensures readiness for unforeseen contingencies

You might be wondering why you should invest in oil-free oxygen booster compressors when you can simply order oxygen cylinders from a vendor. While the latter is an option, there are several compelling reasons to consider installing an oil-free oxygen booster

Oil Contamination Elimination: Oil-free oxygen boosters prevent the risk of oil contamination in the oxygen supply, which can be hazardous to patients and medical equipment.

Consistent Supply: Oil-free oxygen boosters provide a continuous and consistent supply of high-pressure oxygen, reducing the need for frequent cylinder orders and replacements.

Cost-Effective: Over the long term, investing in oil-free oxygen boosters can be more cost-effective than relying solely on cylinder orders, especially in healthcare facilities with high oxygen demands.

Enhanced Preparedness: An on-site oil-free oxygen booster ensures hospitals are well-prepared for any situation, including power outages and increased oxygen requirements.

Oil-free oxygen booster compressors play a vital role in the medical field by ensuring a constant supply of oxygen, meeting peak requirements, and serving as a reliable backup. Their use alongside a medical oxygen generator is essential to guarantee uninterrupted patient care, particularly during emergencies or power disruptions, all while eliminating the risks associated with oil contamination. These systems not only enhance healthcare facilities’ preparedness but also offer cost-effective and dependable oxygen solutions. If you are interested in acquiring top-quality oil-free high-pressure oxygen booster compressors, feel free to contact us for more information on our products and their benefits.