⦁ To continuously improve product quality and to realise a production that exceeds customer expectations by closely following the use of current and developing technologies and developments in the sector.
⦁ To prevent malfunctions that may arise in time by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way possible.
⦁ To be a reliable company with an understanding that meets customer expectations and needs at the highest level
⦁ To be an exemplary organisation that respects the society and environment by ensuring the continuity of our sense of quality in order to achieve our goals in line with our policy
⦁ To realise our goals in line with our quality policy by providing all the necessary trainings and creating a suitable working environment accompanied by technological developments
⦁ To contribute to the country’s economy with the added value we produce by further increasing our experience and quality
⦁ To provide the customer satisfaction and the employee’s satisfaction with our service quality.

In order to meet all these expectations, we undertake the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and to the fulfilment of applicable requirements.